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Plastic Pollution Prevention in Pacific Island Countries

Presented by Trisia Farrelly

Co-authors: Dr Stephanie Borrelle & Dr Sascha Fuller


This presentation will discuss the key findings from research conducted with ten Pacific Island waste management leaders. After identifying key policy gaps and the unique challenges facing each country, the participants and the research team offer recommendations to strengthen plastic pollution policy frameworks across the region. The recommendations may be adapted for use in other Large Ocean Small Island Developing States.

Co-authors: Dr Stephanie Borrelle, Birdlife International;

and Dr Sascha Fuller, University of Newcastle

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Trisia Farrelly

Massey University Political Ecology Research Centre, Birdlife International, and University of Newcastle

Dr Trisia Farrelly works toward New Zealand Government policy change that supports the elimination of plastic pollution and pollutants.  Trisia also advocates for Pacific Islands countries in United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) Resolutions. Trisia’s work contributes to building capacity in Aotearoa and Pacific Islands countries to strengthen plastic pollution science and access, the democratization of science-policy interface, and ultimately, effective plastic pollution prevention policy and legislation. She holds multiple leadership roles promoting positive social and environmental change including The New Zealand Product Stewardship Council, the Aotearoa Plastic Pollution Alliance, and Massey University’s Political Ecology Research Centre. Trisia is currently deepening her understandings of waste colonialism in Aotearoa and other countries across the region. 

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