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By Toby Skilton


Our team at Mutu have designed a simple, social and sustainable solution to combat the hyper consumption culture we find ourselves currently faced with. Mutu is a rental marketplace app that allows individuals, businesses & community organisations to rent and lend everyday items that would otherwise be collecting dust or discarded as solid landfill. I want to talk about how digital solutions like Mutu will revolutionise the way we view ownership by enabling us to design a new future where our hyper consumption society shifts to a collaborative consumption community.

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Toby Skilton

Founder of Mutu

Kia ora everyone, my name is Toby Skilton and I am the founder of Mutu which is a platform that is going to completely revolutionise the way Kiwis view asset ownership. 


Mutu is an online community marketplace that brings people together to share everyday items. We’ve created a way for Kiwis to make money by sharing the wonderful things that they own when they aren’t using it. On the other side, we allow Kiwis who don’t want the hassle and burden of ownership to get access to whatever they need whenever they need it by borrowing as opposed to buying. 

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