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Applying the 5 R's in the Building Industry

By Priscila Besen


Hi, I’m an architect and a PhD candidate in sustainable design at the University of Auckland. I have done many projects and actions related to zero waste in the past. My PhD research is about how to reuse historic buildings, retrofitting them to be more energy efficient and extend their life - avoiding the waste from demolition. I take the zero waste concept and apply it to buildings - we should reduce, reuse, retrofit and repurpose them as much as we can. Just like buying second-hand clothes and objects, buying a “second hand” building and repurposing it is good environmental choice.

Priscila Besen.png

Priscila Besen

University of Auckland / Creative and Green

Priscila is a Brazilian Architect and a Certified Passive House designer, with experience in energy-efficient building design, multi-unit residential projects and green building certification. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Auckland, researching about energy retrofit in historic buildings. A member of the Future Cities Research Hub and a tutor for environmental design courses at the University of Auckland, she is passionate about sharing knowledge on how to create greener, healthier, more comfortable and efficient built environments. She shares ideas on social media through the Instagram page @creativeandgreen.

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