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An answer to: "What to do with all this
non-recyclable packaging I get?"

By Maureen McCarthy


Recently and organically-formed Trash Mob is patterned after "Flash Mob," but is operating virtually. People are mobilized to do the simple, cathartic action of returning the same item to the same manufacturer at the same time (during 48 hours) to provide maximum impact. We send a well-written letter with the package encouraging the manufacturer to support EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility). We have been invited to be the 10th step in the BFFP Brand Audits.


Check out our August Mob here:


Maureen McCarthy

Trash Mob, USA

Trash Mob’s Maureen works for a City’s Environmental Services  Department in Colorado. Trash Mob has nothing to do with her work, and  was an idea that came to her because:

  • She mulled over the idea of what a “Flash Mob” might look like if it  actually had a meaningful purpose, and thought - “Hey, what about a Trash  Mob?”

  • She has many people approach her at the Recycling Center where she  works, waving their clamshells and exclaiming: “Why are you saying these  aren’t recyclable? It says so right here!” ...pointing to the chasing arrows with  a number 1 inside them.

  • She watched the documentary by Frontline entitled “Plastic Wars” and  had steam coming out of her ears upon learning the history of how the  plastics industry subverted the public’s outcry to their pollution.

  • Therefore, she recruited a few other angry “Mobilizers” to get this going!

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