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By Lakshmi Selvakumaran

Coming soon...


I would like to talk about the app that my team has worked on. It is called Ullisu and it is a crowd sourced map of shops that can help in the zero waste journey - thrift strores, bulk stores, repair shops, etc. The entire app is growing its database and we are looking at people to use it and share stores around their area to do zero waste shopping easily. The pecha kulcha style short talk will introduce the app and its vision to the listeners and invite them to be a part of this project to make zero waste shopping a reality. The online workshop will go in a bit more detail on introducing how to use the app and get the participants to go and record some of the shops nearby. Live discussion Panelist. I practice zero waste and vegan living in bangalore and use my instagram platform to encourage others to be mindful of their waste generation and disposal. I run a series called 'Know your waste/Tackle your waste' which helps anyone understand their waste more deeply and find ways to manage it more sustainably. I would like to share my insights from that during the live session. My instagram handle is zerowaste_vegan_desi.

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Lakshmi Selvakumaran

Green Karma, India


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