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A Scalable Model for Community Composting

By Kate Walmsley


Kaicycle is an urban farming and community-scale composting initiative based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Since 2015 they have been working to develop a scalable model for community composting. Kate from Kaicycle will present about the need for this multiple-duty solution to urban food waste, how it works, and the barriers and opportunities to scaling it. This will also be the first preview of the Living Compost Hubs software being developed by Sheldon Levet, as a much-needed tool for scaling best-practice urban composting.



10:00AM–12:00PM  05/11/20



This session will explore the role of the waste hierarchy in addressing the issue of organic waste. Organic waste and how we choose to manage it ties onto broader issues such as food security/resilience, soil health and climate change. We’ll hear from practitioners involved in different parts of the organic waste cycle and discuss what needs to change in how Aotearoa approaches organics.

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Kate Walmsley

Kaicycle / Urban Farmers' Alliance 

Kate is a Wellington local, community-scale composter and regenerative urban agriculture advocate with a background in biotechnology. Being part of Kaicycle for the past five years, and more recently the Urban Farmers' Alliance, has allowed her to gain a hands-on appreciation for how soil health is a nexus for so many environmental and social challenges we face today. 


Kate is a contributing member of the Urban Farmers' Alliance and was its initial national coordinator, is a member of the newly formed Citizens of 12.3 group, and is involved in several other local food and waste-related groups and projects.

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