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From Zero Waste to Regeneration
in Māngere/Ōtāhuhu

By Justine Skilling


We would like to tell the story of the waste journey of our community- Mangere, Auckland. We would start from the beginning, with the forming of this land, the geological and biological organising that has happened here, and with how people have interacted with the landscape over time. We will outline what a healthy, thriving ecosystem once looked like here, and at the devastating impact of colonisation, industrialisation and globalisation. We will discuss our exploration of the stories and history of this place, as a basis for identifying the essence of Mangere, and how this exploration has helped us to see the potential that is here and to clarify our own role. We will outline how this Regenerative process informs our work in supporting our community to work towards once again being a healthy, thriving, "zero waste" ecosystem, through the development of a community garden teaching and learning space, a Resource Recovery network, and through the waste education and consultation we provide for our local community.

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Justine Skilling

ME Family Services

Justine Skilling is a Regenerative Facilitator and Team Leader for the Talking Rubbish team, ME Family Services, a place-based, community organisation in Māngere, South Auckland.  Talking Rubbish utilises Regenerative Development approaches to support the development of local solutions to the problem of “waste” in our community, finding and harnessing the potential that is already here and drawing on and honouring the unique spirit of this place.

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