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Julian Raine

Oaklands Milk

Over three and half decades Julian has gained an extensive knowledge of good business practice in a wide range of business sizes, from local start-ups to nationwide mature companies. His operational expertise is in both the agriculture and horticulture sectors. 


He has a broad set of generalist business skills and practical hands-on experience. At an early stage in his career he took a keen interest in governance. Since the mid 1980’s he has held a variety of commercial and industry good positions. In addition, he spent nearly two decades in governance in the science sector with directorships with Landcare Research, Sirtrack and the Cawthron Institute.


Julian has always shown a keen interest in the environmental space. He is a past winner of a number of regional awards and was co-opted into judging for the NZ Dairy Awards, Marlborough District Council Environment Awards and the Ahuwhenua Maori Horticulture Excellence Awards. He was the chairman of Apple Futures: a three project to redesign how New Zealand produces apples to new environmental and health standards including ultra low residues.


His family is the owner of two dairy brands, Oaklands Milk and Aunt Jeans Dairy. Both brands use glass bottles as core packaging to sell their fresh milk. Oaklands Milk cleans, sterilises and refills > 3 million glass bottles per year. Reducing energy and recycling as much as possible is a key philosophy for their businesses.



10:00AM–12:00PM  04/11/20


This session kicks off a week of zero waste goodness. Zero Waste Network Board members and staff will welcome participants and give some background to the event before the first panel discussion begins.


Our first panel will look at reuse systems. Reuse is a cornerstone activity of the zero waste approach. Despite single-use being ubiquitous in the food & beverage industry, there are hopeful signs this could change. This session will look at what those in the business think are some opportunities and barriers for increased use of reuse systems in Aotearoa and provide insight into some of the key players and bigger picture context.

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