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Jana Reulecke

SUC Free Wanaka

I have been running the social media and marketing campaign for SUC Free Wanaka since we launched a year ago - (SUC Free Wanaka is a community campaign on a mission to make our town single use cup free by 2022). During that time I have worked alongside local hospitality and community groups -  exploring, communicating and advocating for reuse. In this role I have been in a position to observe what is working well to create behaviour change in Wanaka, and what is less effective at making a real, tangible difference to how this diverse community perceives its role in reducing single use waste. I have been beside the cafes in Wanaka that have gone single use cup free, and noted the public response and social media reaction. I have engaged in hundreds of conversations with the hospitality industry, from baristas and owner operators on the shop floor, to fellow reuse activists, like uyo, wanaka waste busters and takeaway throwaways. I believe this experience has given me some insight into what needs to change, why and how, to create a cafe culture of reuse in Wanaka, that can be replicated throughout Aotearoa. I am keen to listen and learn and collaborate. 



10:00AM–12:00PM  04/11/20


This session kicks off a week of zero waste goodness. Zero Waste Network Board members and staff will welcome participants and give some background to the event before the first panel discussion begins.


Our first panel will look at reuse systems. Reuse is a cornerstone activity of the zero waste approach. Despite single-use being ubiquitous in the food & beverage industry, there are hopeful signs this could change. This session will look at what those in the business think are some opportunities and barriers for increased use of reuse systems in Aotearoa and provide insight into some of the key players and bigger picture context.

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