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Jamie Kaminski

HSR Zero Waste / Zero Waste Canada / Zero Waste International Alliance

Jamie Kaminski experience is in solid waste management from both a ground level and a policymaking perspective. His area of expertise lies within international best practices in Zero Waste, and in respect to internationally accepted Zero Waste policies and programs. He works with fellow policy advisors to create strong, practical and enforceable policies that drive change towards Zero Waste.  Kaminiski president of HSR Zero Waste and  is on the Board of Directors of Zero Waste Canada and Zero Waste International Alliance.



The panelist will present international case studies in Zero Waste:

  • Pål Mårtensson (Sweden) - Zero Waste stories from around the world, international cleanups and overcoming “trash blindness.”

  • Jamie Kaminski (Canada) - Zero Waste Canada certification and training and business case studies

  • Neil Seldman (USA) - Producer responsibility programs

  • Ruth Abbe (USA) - Zero Waste USA community Zero Waste policies, programs and infrastructure

  • Gary Liss (USA) - Resource recovery parks for managing 12 master categories of materials

8:00AM–9:30AM  06/11/20


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