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Jack McQuibban

Zero Waste Cities Programme Coordinator Zero Waste Europe, Belgium

Jack is a young leader working in the field of sustainability and campaigning for several years now. After graduating in International Relations from the University of Leicester, Jack has gone on to design and lead successful advocacy campaigns at the United Nations, European Union and British Parliament levels.


Jack leads the Zero Waste Cities Programme, which works with over 400 municipalities who have committed to become zero waste. He helps build and shape the programme to best support local-level implementation of waste prevention & reduction practices, and is designing the Zero Waste Europe Academy to become Europe's go-to platform for resources and expertise on designing community-focused zero waste strategies.  



7:00PM–8:30PM  04/11/20


The transformation to a zero waste world is about more than recapturing resources in a circular economy, it’s a gateway to a new way of thinking about resources, relationships, community, connectedness and nature. This session will explore the roles different parts of society have in creating change towards zero waste, and look at some of the most significant challenges and opportunities that exist for those working in the zero waste sector today. 

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