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Hannah and Liam photo credit Solene News

Hannah Blumhardt

The Rubbish Trip / NZ Product Stewardship Council

Hannah has lived without a rubbish bin for almost 6 years and runs The Rubbish Trip with her partner, Liam Prince. Together, Hannah and Liam have delivered hundreds of zero waste workshops to communities across New Zealand, and produced numerous resources on waste-free living. Hannah also researches and advocates for zero waste policy through her roles as Coordinator of the New Zealand Product Stewardship Council, Policy Spokesperson for Takeaway Throwaways, zero waste expert for Better Futures Forum, and as a Senior Associate at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.



10:00AM–12:00PM  04/11/20


This session kicks off a week of zero waste goodness. Zero Waste Network Board members and staff will welcome participants and give some background to the event before the first panel discussion begins.


Our first panel will look at reuse systems. Reuse is a cornerstone activity of the zero waste approach. Despite single-use being ubiquitous in the food & beverage industry, there are hopeful signs this could change. This session will look at what those in the business think are some opportunities and barriers for increased use of reuse systems in Aotearoa and provide insight into some of the key players and bigger picture context.

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