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Gary Liss

Zero Waste USA / US Zero Waste Business Council / National Recycling Coalition

Gary Liss has 46 years’ of experience in recycling, is a leading advocate of Zero Waste, and has worked on more Zero Waste Plans than anyone else in the U.S., including: Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Oakland, San Jose, Boston, Austin, and Fort Collins. He also has helped major businesses and colleges develop Zero Waste Plans. He helped USEPA develop electronic guides on “RFPs and Contracts” and “Managing and Transforming Waste Streams”. Liss is Vice President of Zero Waste USA and past President of the US Zero Waste Business Council and the National Recycling Coalition.



The panelist will present international case studies in Zero Waste:

  • Pål Mårtensson (Sweden) - Zero Waste stories from around the world, international cleanups and overcoming “trash blindness.”

  • Jamie Kaminski (Canada) - Zero Waste Canada certification and training and business case studies

  • Neil Seldman (USA) - Producer responsibility programs

  • Ruth Abbe (USA) - Zero Waste USA community Zero Waste policies, programs and infrastructure

  • Gary Liss (USA) - Resource recovery parks for managing 12 master categories of materials

8:00AM–9:30AM  06/11/20


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