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Zero Waste Zero Carbon Pilot in Intermediate Schools

By Betsy Kettle


The Zero Waste Zero Carbon Program for Intermediate Schools Climate Anxiety is real so what can students do about it directly and personally? The Zero Waste Zero Carbon Program for Intermediate Schools inspires a pallet of choices around what students can do to reverse climate change, and reduce plastic waste. It is currently designed as a facilitated program with two parts. The "Is Recycling the Answer?" Session explores the issues with single use packaging and litterless lunches. The inspirational "Soil Building" Session introduces topsoil building with the potential to slow (or mitigate) climate change by using food waste to improve local soil quality and grow local food. Both sessions are designed to inspire learners to engage with sustainable choices and hopefully create student-led change to school waste processes in the direction of low carbon and zero waste.


Betsy Kettle

Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste

Betsy Kettle and her husband David have been involved in zero waste ever since moving to NZ from the USA in 1996.


They were part of the team to set up Manukau's first community recycling depot in 1998-2001.  They are now trialling the management of the Whangaparaoa Community Recycling Centre, one Auckland Council's 8 CRCs in the Resource Recovery Network.

She has a Masters in Landscape Architecture on the design of CRCs for environmental education and a Permaculture diploma.  Besides zero waste, she has taught organic horticulture at the tertiary level for about 10 years and is a certified organic grower.

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