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Your responsible waste management solutions

By Banyu Putro


Since 2014 Waste4Change has been providing responsible waste management services through our waste collection, consulting, campaign and create services. Our core business derives from the Government’s target to reduce and recover waste generated in Indonesia about 30% and 70% respectively by 2025. Under the division of strategic service, we give consultation, training, and educational campaign about responsible waste management as a start to change people’s behaviour. And under the division of operational service, we facilitate waste collection system and ensure the waste is processed responsibly by giving waste journey report. To support our activities, we built Material Recovery Facility with a waste-sorting system to manage collected waste from our clients with up to 15 Tons per Day capacity. Up to now, we have collected and managed more than 5.400 tons of domestic waste and successfully reduced the percentage of waste being dumped to landfill to around 30% only. By this opportunity, we would like to demonstrate how Waste4Change operates in daily basis and the lesson learned from our experiences running a responsible waste management company for 5 years.

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Banyu Putro

Banyu Putro (INDONESIA) 

Banyu Putro is the Development Manager of Waste4Change Indonesia. After obtaining his Master Degree from Royal Holloway, University of London, Banyu has gone on to work in environmental fields providing research and consultancy.

His current project is to improve the Waste Management Governance in Indonesia by utilising IT based platform and apps towards the nation’s Smart City concept implementation. He leads the pilot project, strategic partnership and market penetration.

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