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Andrew Fisher

Ecostock / NZ Food Waste Champions 12.3

Andrew’s leadership in developing at scale, food waste reuse and recovery solutions, have received
multiple awards over the past 14 years, including;


  • 2011 Ministry for Environment Supreme Green Ribbon Award Winner

  • 2013 Auckland University $1million, Entrepreneurs Challenge Joint Winner

  • 2017 Sustainable Business Network, Going Circular Runner-Up

  • 2017 Sustainable Business Network, Sustainability Superstar Winner


As a founding member of the New Zealand Food Waste Champions 12.3, in 2019, Andrew brings a
wealth of commercial real time experience to Government Policy and Initiatives, based upon his
ongoing ownership and operation of three significant organics recovery solutions;

  • ECOSTOCK, founded 14 years ago is based in Wiri, Auckland, recovers food for feed, producing over 35,000 tonnes per annum of stockfeed. (or 10 buses a day) With a full-time staff of 35, EcoStock services over 150 commercial clients through-out New Zealand, operating a fleet of trucks and a variety of depacking equipment sourced from similar businesses in Canada, UK, Australia and Germany.

  • WORMSRUS, is New Zealands largest commercial grower and farmer of composting worms, with supporting operations in the North and South Island. Wormsrus, has been operating for over 20 years, and was purchased 10 years ago by EcoStock to provide commercial worm farms, composting and education solutions to communities.

  • ECOGAS, is currently building New Zealands first large scale foodwaste and biomass Anaerobic Digestor in REPOROA. This operation recognizes the significant amount of water and energy embedded within organic’s and has been built recognizing the scale of organics lost to landfill annually. Ecogas will handle over 75,000 tonnes per annum of recovery biomass. Ecogas’s pilot Anaerobic Digestor Plant is operating in Wiri, it was first commissioned in 2016.


Andrew travels widely and presented to APEC and UN FAO in Tokyo, Japan in 2019 on behalf of NZ
Government, on Foodwaste and Loss. Prior to setting up EcoStock, he was an Engineer Officer in the
New Zealand Army, for 11 years. Whilst in the NZ Army, Andrew lead Engineer Operations in East
Timor, Soloman Islands and Afghanistan, this experience plus ongoing commercial relationships in
Australia, UK and Germany give him practical knowledge of organics and the multiply solutions needed to value this essential element to life.



10:00AM–12:00PM  05/11/20



This session will explore the role of the waste hierarchy in addressing the issue of organic waste. Organic waste and how we choose to manage it ties onto broader issues such as food security/resilience, soil health and climate change. We’ll hear from practitioners involved in different parts of the organic waste cycle and discuss what needs to change in how Aotearoa approaches organics.

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